Different varieties of mice can be found all over Western MA and Northern Connecticut, from small towns, like Wilbraham MA, to larger cities like Springfield MA. House and field mice often move into our homes and commercial workplaces as the temperature drops. They are typically on the smaller side and their fur ranges from lighter shades of gray to dark brown or black.Learn how to get rid of mice and other helpful prevention tips from the experienced Graduate professionals!
So how can you tell if mice might be near? While there is the possibility that you spot one of these critters first-hand, there are warning signs as well. Major red flags include mouse droppings, footprints, and gnaw marks on various items. Since mice create nests, keep an eye out for nesting spots in cluttered areas. You also may be able to hear their distinctively high squeaks, a sign that it’s time to call in a professional to take a look!

get rid of mice

How To Get Rid of Mice

Mice frequently find their way into properties via small openings, such as ripped screens, small cracks, and openings wider than the diameter of a nickel. Common entry points are A/C and utility entry points, along with gaps around concrete steps and hatchways. Mice will gravitate towards large food sources, so ensure that all your food stuffs and snacks are safely stored in air-tight containers if you are prone to invading mice.
Graduate recommends a combination of baiting and trapping to eliminate your infestation. This approach is effective and will minimizing the possibility of an odor issue by capturing the mice so they don’t die in your walls.

Need a Treatment?

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