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Termites and Buying a Home

It’s no secret that termites love warm, moist environments. In New England, termites thrive in the spring and summer months, leading to swarms when they mate and reproduce. Once the cold, dry weather hits, termites may forage inside your home in search of warmer temperatures. While termite activity is a headache for any homeowner,  it can also be a huge hassle for anyone trying to buy a home in the winter.

Although half of houses on the market are sold during the summer, many real estate experts claim that the colder months are the best time to buy a home. This is when buyers have a better chance of getting a lower price and avoiding any bidding wars. For that reason, fall and winter a popular choice for many potential homebuyers.

So What’s the Problem?

During a real estate transaction, the lending institution or mortgage company will typically require a termite inspection. If termites are discovered, they’ll require treatment before granting a mortgage. This can create a bigger problem than many people realize, as applying a termiticide to frozen or saturated soil is a violation of EPA termiticide regulations. It’s also not in the homebuyer’s best interest, as any treatments applied in cold weather may be ineffective!

This situation can become a real issue, because the seller typically looks for the cheapest price, and may be less interested in the treatment’s effectiveness. So as a buyer, be aware and negotiate a springtime treatment, when the soil is most accepting of the termiticide.

If you need any help with a termite problem or a new home pest inspection, give Graduate a call today.

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