Buying a Home with Termites

house with for sale sign
home with for sale sign
Are termites infesting your potential new home?

Buying a home with termites doesn’t have to be impossible.

Just because your dream home has termites, doesn’t necessarily mean you should walk away from the deal. 

Putting in an offer on a home with a termite infestation is more common than you might think. After a long search for a new house, you finally fall in love with your dream home and prepare to make an offer. However, termite damage is discovered during the home inspection phase of the purchase. As is customary, the seller is somewhat obligated to abate the problem. He or she will usually agree to take care of the termites before the closing. Sounds great, right?

Well…slow down there, and let’s think about this!


Whose Interests Take Priority, Yours or the Seller’s?

Unfortunately,  the seller’s interests usually take priority, and they will often choose to maximize profit by minimizing expenses.  Sometimes home sellers–whether due to financial or time constraints– will cut corners and choose a company that will take care of the termite infestation as quickly and cheaply as possible. This doesn’t mean that all sellers are “bad” people, it just speaks to people’s tendency to want to save money. Unfortunately, the long term value and effectiveness may suffer.  A couple of years after you buy the home, you might discover that the infestation is active again. By then, the treatment could be out of warranty– yikes!

Keep in mind that whether you are buying a home with termites or discover them in your current home, you will be hiring a termite control company and entering into a long term, multi-year relationship. It makes sense that if  you chose the termite inspector, why not choose the company that will be treating your new home? Choosing the right company is important for your home’s long term structural integrity and your mental health! So, let’s not leave it to a stranger (i.e. the seller).


Know When to Walk Away

Ask your licensed termite inspector or a pest control professional about the cost and feasibility of eradicating the termite problem. Depending on your budget and the extent of the damage, buying a home with termites may not be worth it.


What’s the Bottom Line?

Buying a new home is a negotiation.  You don’t have to do things the usual way.  Negotiate your best deal, including the price of a termite treatment and damage repairs. In the end you’ll control the service quality, the long-term relationship, and keep the big bad T-Wolf  away from your door!

As always, if you’re buying a home with termites or you need help with a termite inspection, don’t hesitate to give Graduate a call.

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