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The Worst of the Worst: Extreme Pest Infestations


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What critters have you seen in your home?

Chances are you’ve seen pests in your home. From ants to cockroaches to spiders, most homeowners are no stranger to a tiny uninvited guest. With the busy summer season upon us here at Graduate, we’ve decided to comb the web and compile a list of the grossest, most extreme cases of residential pest infestations we could find. Now maybe you can feel better about that single spider you saw in the bathroom!

Just a word to the wise, don’t read this before bed, you may start to feel itchy!

Severe Bed Bug Infestation in New Jersey

This one comes out of Normandy Beach, New Jersey, where a pest professional encountered a mattress that was completely covered with bed bugs in all life stages.  Plus, much of the brown stuff on the bed is fecal matter– yuck!


Bats Under the Roof in Florida

Next we’re headed down to Miami, where a roofing crew encountered hundreds of bats under the tile roof of a home.  Holy infestation, Batman!


Daddy Long-Legs Infestation in Mexico

This video comes out of Mexico, where a building crew came across a structure that was inhabited by masses and masses of Daddy long-legs, or cellar spiders. We hope they had some matches handy! Just kidding– sort of…


Cockroaches Take Over an NYC Apartment

Now back to the states, where a pest control professional was called to treat an apartment with an awful cockroach infestation. As a result, he said it looked like “the floor was alive.” Creepy!


Plague of Mice in Australia

Lastly, we’re going down under, where a woman’s farm was completely overrun with mice. The video is like something out of a horror movie!


There you have it, some of the worst, most extreme pest infestations we could find on the internet! So just remember: next time you have a pest at your house, it could always be worse!

Of course, the Graduate team will face any pest problems you have, so give us a call if you’re dealing with an issue. We’re here to help you sleep tight!

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