Fall Pest Forecast in New England

Close up view of ladybug isolated on white background
Will you see ladybugs at your house this fall?

It’s that time of year again! The National Pest Management Association just released their annual ‘Pest Forecast’ for the fall season. There are plenty of fall pests in New England, but which ones will be the most active? What can homeowners across Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut expect in terms of pest pressure this fall?


Summer Recap

To recap the summer, we had record-setting hot temperatures combined with heavy rainfall and high humidity. Stink bugs and ladybugs flourished, and tick populations spiked.



Because ticks had an unusually good summer season, expect them to remain active longer than usual. Typically, ticks won’t become inactive until the temperature drops consistently below 50 degrees. Be sure to continue taking precautions against ticks if you’ll be spending time outdoors, even during cooler weather.


Stink Bugs and Ladybugs

Stink bugs and ladybugs will most likely thrive with increased rainfall. Plan on a large number of them to move indoors as they seek shelter from colder temperatures. As overwintering pests, they usually congregate on exterior walls in preparation for the move inside.



Once temperatures do drop, mice and rat populations will begin to seek shelter indoors. Try some of our prevention tips to keep rodents from getting cozy inside your home this year!


The pest forecast says should anticipate some fall pests in New England this year, but don’t let them ruin your season! As always, if you’re experiencing a pest problem in or around your home, feel free to give Graduate Pest Solutions a call!

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