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What you need to know about TICKS

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Brenda Olesuk
Graduate Pest Solutions

Glenn Olesuk
Graduate Pest Solutions

Here's What You'll Learn During this 20 Minute Webinar

  • How we reduce tick & mosquito popultions in your yard - we briefly review our proven techniques to reduce tick populations
  • What do tick bites look like.. We show some pictures and provide you with telltale signs
  • What you should do if you suspect you have been bitten by a Tick... We'll walk you through the best practices and provide insight on what happens if you've been bitten.
  • Tick Borne Disease: We cover some Health Department Statistics that showcase the regional impacts in Massachusetts
  • Tick Resources: We share some valuable tick related resources you can visit online
  • Special offer: As a Thank You for watching we share a special offer at the end .

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