This Season, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Bed Bugs Pest Control Springfield MA
Can your home have bed bugs during the winter?

Temperatures have dropped across New England, meaning winter is on its way! Many insects have either died off or gone inactive due to the colder weather, so most of us are glad to finally see some pest relief. But what about bed bugs? 


Beware: Bed Bugs Can Still Bite!

Are bed bugs still active in the colder months? Short answer: yes! The cooler weather doesn’t impact bed bugs because they are exclusively indoor pests. In other words, the fall and winter don’t matter to bed bugs as long as it feels like spring or summer inside your house! Throughout the fall and winter, bed bugs are continuously feeding, breeding (i.e., making more bugs) and looking for new places to invade! Check out our bed bug prevention and treatment tips to stay vigilant this season!


Traveling for the Holidays?

Beware of bed bugs! One of the other reasons that fall and winter are such popular times for bed bugs to spread is because so many people travel during the holiday season. Follow these bed bug prevention guidelines when staying in hotels or motels. Home-sharing or property rental brokerage websites, such as AirBnb, are not subject to the same rules and regulations as regular lodging companies, so be extra careful when partaking in these kinds of services. And remember, bed bugs are great hitchhikers, so don’t let them sneak back home with you!


Fun Fact: Water Beds Aren’t Safe from Bed Bugs Either!

Many people may not realize this, but the mattress isn’t what attracts bed bugs, it’s the warm-blooded host using it! Water beds are just as susceptible to a bed bug invasion as standard mattresses. Bed bugs can just as easily live in the bed frame of a waterbed as any other type of sleeping set-up. And,  the heater in the waterbed creates the perfect living conditions for them to be…snug as a bug!


Are Bed Bugs Still Active in the Colder Months?   

Bed bugs are a year-round pest, so don’t let your bed bug-guard down just because fall is here! As always, if you have suspect you have a bed bug problem, don’t delay! Feel free to give Graduate a call, so we can keep the bed bugs from biting this fall and winter!