home improvement tips to prevent pests

December is a celebratory month, with the holiday season in full swing and a new year right around the corner! However, with the winter season nearing, dozens of pests start to seek shelter indoors. An easy and effective way to ensure that your property remains safe is preventative maintenance. Whether you live in a large property in Springfield or a small house in Holyoke, these measures require a small amount of effort that will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.  Follow this quick guide of home improvement tips to prevent pests from making themselves cozy in your home.

Home Improvement Tips to Prevent Pests – The Top 5 home improvement tips to prevent pests

  1. Ensure sure that your food is stored neatly and safely. By putting pantry-type items in sturdy airtight containers and not storing food  items past their expiration date, you’ll discourage pests from using your kitchen as a potential food oasis.
  2. Always seal cracks, even smaller ones. Although a tiny crack may not appear to pose a major problem, you don’t want to leave the health and safety of your space up to chance. Insects and pests can easily utilize these small cracks as an entryway into your home.
  3. Clear piles of debris and trash, especially if they are in close proximity to your home. Pests such as mice and rats may utilize these as nesting areas, so it’s best to air on the side of caution and clear away these pest condominiums.
  4. Make sure that all of your screens seal properly. Screens are especially susceptible to damage, so fixing any small holes or openings is always a great precautionary measure.
  5. Keep the foundation of your home neat and tidy. Since the foundation is closest to the ground, it becomes an easy entry spot for all sorts of bothersome critters. By keeping this area clean and tight, it makes it more difficult for insects to find a way into your home.

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