As a beloved puppy, my owner (Glenn) takes my health and safety very seriously. He will do the same for you and your pets!

The folks at Graduate know that pesticides by their nature must be toxic enough to kill a small ant or other ‘tiny bug,’ so the materials are not non-toxic, but they are safe when applied according to EPA-labeled directions. Glenn tells me this is the same principle as when he applies my flea and tick treatment to my shiny black coat. The flea and tick treatment kills the tiny insects but is safe for me and keeps me healthy and comfortable.

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Our pet-friendly approach

We at Graduate approach pet safety with the same high level of concern as we do for your entire family. We identify non-chemical methods that will reduce or eliminate pest populations, such as proper sanitation, structural corrections to the property, eliminating pest harborage areas, and using non-toxic traps when appropriate. We choose the least toxic material that will eliminate a pest infestation. We do not use any products that we would not use in our own homes or workplaces. Our products don’t have secondary poisoning effects. That is, once consumed by the target pest, these products are no longer toxic. We adhere to and communicate all state consumer bulletins and product label information to you, relative to the treatments we provide. This minimizes your family and pets’ exposure to treated areas. As a general precaution, and as per label directions, all rodenticides are placed out of reach (inaccessible areas) or in tamper-resistant stations.


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