Common sense pest control solutions that are environmentally friendly

Clean up, screen up, seal up, dry it up, move it out, throw it out, and stop relying on pesticides alone. The experts at Graduate Pest Solutions have been doing Integrated Pest Management for years. We call it IPM; you now know it as being green, going green and getting greener, etc…Pests need three things to survive and flourish. They need food, water, and shelter. IPM seeks to deny as many of these as possible, thereby preventing, suppressing, repelling, and eliminating the pest population.

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By using a multi-method approach and not relying on pesticides alone, IPM can minimize and even eliminate pesticide sprays while successfully controlling a pest population

IPM discourages the old mindset of “see it/spray it” and “if a little bit is good, more must be better.” Through the knowledgeable implementation of all IPM methods, your property is protected and your comfort and health are improved.


Ideally, IPM is a partnership between our customers and Graduate working together to eliminate pests with minimal reliance on pesticides

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