Properly keeping your property pest-free is more than just spraying pesticides. The optimal way to keep your home safe and healthy is prevention using GradShield. Graduate Pest Solutions specializes in prevention for residents of Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut in communities like West Springfield, Agawam, and Suffield. GPS does this by using IPM—Integrated Pest Management—a method that focuses on the long-term well-being of your property with minimal use of pesticides.

Bait Stations for Future Control

A bait station is a device that is placed inside and outside your home and filled with rodenticide bait. Once consumed, the rodent will die within 3-4 days. Bait stations can be an effective method of controlling outdoor rodent populations, which, in turn, can keep the mice and rats out of your home! GPS also uses bait stations for insects, specifically small ants. These bait cups provide the small ants with a bait material that they share amongst their colony mates and thus provide colony elimination.  This is far more effective at keeping small ants out of your home compared to traditional sprays.

Home Improvements Do More Than Just Increase Property Value

Graduate Pest Solutions’ experts will inspect your home and make recommendations for preventative improvements. We know the most common routes pests will take to infiltrate your home. Improvements can be as simple as trimming shrubs, all the way up to where to seal and caulk to keep pests out. Technicians will complete this inspection each time we service your home throughout the year, and with the seasonality of pests in mind.

GradShield Monitoring for Real Trouble

If the first time you connect with Graduate Pest Solutions is when you have a major infestation, it can be far more costly and difficult to treat. What a Gradshield Plan does is prevent small problems from becoming big problems and, as in the case of termites, detect activity before an infestation can occur with termite monitoring. Another especially troubling New England pest is the carpenter ant. Our GradShield Plans focus on theses pest with timely strategic preventative applications. With both termites and carpenter ants capable of doing major damage to your home’s infrastructure, teaming up with a GradShild Plan is a good plan. 😊

Find out how to spot termites on your own and see why having GPS in your corner can make a difference:

Download Our Guide to Termite Infestations

The team at Graduate Pest Solutions is knowledgeable about every type of summer pest. Call us at 413-566-8222 or contact us with any questions or if you are experiencing a pest problem. We have the knowledge and the services necessary to help keep your home pest-free!

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