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Create A Comfortable And Healthy Property All Year-long

The Graduate Mosquito & Tick Reduction Program provides five scheduled treatments to help prevent disease-carrying insects from infesting your property. Your tech will visit and treat your property from May to October-when you need the protection the most.

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Green Solutions That Are Safe And Effective

Our natural blend of plant oils is very effective at reducing mosquito and tick populations on your property. They have the added benefit of leaving your yard smelling very pleasantl

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Classic Solutions For Maximum Effectiveness

Graduate continues to offer our time-tested and approved solutions that leave little to chance. When the hazy, hot, and humid days of summer arrive and the mosquitoes and ticks rage (or rampage) this solution performs!

The Process

Our certified technicians will visit your home from May through October. Graduate will apply treatments to the perimeter of your property and home's exterior, reducing populations and creating a fun space for your family and friends.

Identifying Mosquitos and Ticks

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"We’ve used Graduate for over a year now. Everyone there is friendly, reliable and they always do a great job. We were able to enjoy our summer last year not having to worry about mosquitos and ticks, which was a nice change from previous years. They also helped us to eradicate our mouse issues. Prices are reasonable and we are happy to support a local business."

Jose L.

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