DIY Pest Control
It is possible to DIY Pest Control

Hear those screams? (“eeek!”) Your pest control efforts probably aren’t working.

Now that pest season is upon us, many people are turning to the internet for do-it-yourself tips on keeping insects out of the house. While some of these home remedies appear to be successful at first, others don’t seem to work at all. Many times, they’re only effective temporarily. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to fix a problem, only to see it return. Where are you going wrong with your DIY pest control? We’ve got some ideas.

Note: It’s important to understand that you can’t always do it yourself. Based on the scope and severity of the problem, a pest control professional could be your best bet. When in doubt, give your local pest control company a call. Graduate Pest Solutions is always here to help.


Mistaken Identity

It’s possible that the reason your DIY pest control efforts aren’t working is that you’ve misidentified the pest. Many pests look similar (eg.; termite swarmers and flying ants), or leave behind similar signs and droppings. Make sure you’ve correctly identified the problem before working on the solution!


“If you see it, spray it” is a common belief among homeowners with pest issues. Many homeowners get an over-the-counter pesticide and try to spray the pests to death, but this isn’t always the smartest–or greenest–choice. Not only are these chemicals potentially harmful for your family and pets if misused, but you might only be killing the bugs you see, rather than eliminating the infestation. Most OTC products will kill pests when sprayed directly on them but, the nest in your wall remains. Insect baits may be a better solution, or you may need to call in the pros if you can’t find the rest of the nest.

Rodent Trapping

Placing mouse or rat traps in and around the home is another common method homeowners use to alleviate a rodent problem. Many people, however, put the traps in all the wrong places or use too few! Instead of leaving them out in the open, try placing them alongside walls with the bait clearly visible, or wherever you see their droppings. Make sure you use a variety of different kinds of bait!

Universal Pest Control Doesn’t Exist

Some people think that all rodents or insects will react the same way to all forms of pest control. This isn’t true. Pest control has to be tailored to the pest, as each species is unique in their feeding, mating, breeding and nesting preferences.

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Make sure you keep these things in mind before embarking on your DIY pest control project. It’s important to correctly identify the pest, tailor your plan of action, and get to the root of the problem, otherwise, you might not fix it. Our team at Graduate Pest Solutions specializes in prevention. Call us at 413-566-8222 or contact us with any questions or if you are experiencing a pest problem. We have the knowledge and service necessary to help keep your home and workplace pest-free!

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