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For every spider treatment, our specialist will thoroughly review your home, determine the severity of the infestation, and prepare a quote for your service

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Spider treatments do not usually require special preparation. In most cases, the technician can enter your home and perform the treatment with you, your family, and your pets present.

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Our procedure involves a thorough exterior brooming of spider webs and a treatment application. Your technician will perform service on both the internal and external parts of your home.

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Identifying Spiders

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"The treatment has eliminated our issue with destructive carpenter ants and annoying spiders in the garage and basement. Customer service is excellent!"

Carol C.

Spider Control


House spiders and other miscellaneous New England spiders are mostly nuisance pests that are relatively harmless. However the 'creeps me out" effect is high! You can make a strong case for why your home is better off with them but, nay-nay - action is required ! Warmth and moisture, compared to the dry and cold outdoors, is good for termites, stink bugs, ladybugs, earwigs, crickets, and ants. This is even better for spiders who find these pests to be delectable. Naturally, spiders will set up webs in areas where these pests wander during colder months-in the pantry and near the warmth of washers and dryers. Since these are higher traffic areas, walking into a web gets a little more probable.

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