How to Treat a Bees Sting

During the springtime  in Western MA, fresh flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and plenty of residents are Bee and Wasp Identificationthrilled to enjoy the welcomed change in weather. Unfortunately, when heading out to enjoy your home and property, many people encounter stinging insects. Aside from being painful, a sting from a bee or wasp can be life threatening! Our helpful tips below offer some important and helpful information when it comes to bee and wasp identification. If you live in Hampden, Springfield, or any other town here in Western MA, you are likely familiar with how bothersome bees and wasps can behave.


One of the best preventative measures is to find their nests early in the season and treat them before they become large and have numerous stinging members. As a property owner, take a look around the exterior of your home late spring-early summer. If you see the begins of an exposed nest, treat it before it requires a professional extermination. Also, make sure that there are no gaps, holes or cracks that could act as an entry point for these pests. Bees and wasps frequently make nests in wall voids and foundation gaps and cracks. While it may seem like a simple solution, it can end up saving you a lot of time, energy and money down the road. Additionally, it is a good rule of thumb to keep outdoor clutter near or around your property to a minimum to limit potential nesting sites.

Warning Signs

If you suspect that bees or wasps may be lurking near your property, keep an eye out for these red flags. One of the most obvious indicators that you may be dealing with these insects is there large nests. These nests can vary in size and shape, so understanding their differences is important to know how to deal with the problem. Bees tend to swarm around their nests, while wasps rarely swarm. There are also several varieties of wasps, such as mud nests and paper nests. Properly identifying the type of nest is key to bee and wasp identification in Western MA.

Bee and Wasp Identification

Once a nest has grown large or is in a difficult spot to treat, it is always best to get a professional. Your Graduate team , has the knowledge and expertise to handle bees and wasps in Western MA safely and effectively.

Need a Treatment?

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