keep bees away from your picnic
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Don’t let your perfect picnic be interrupted by bees!

Everyone appreciates a fun afternoon out with friends and family, and what better way to do that than with a picnic! Just as you settle down to enjoy your fun-packed snacks, a group of troublesome bees interrupts your time. Here are a few easy ways to keep these bugs at bay during your next picnic or outdoor party:

  1. Pick a location away from trash cans, pools of water, and tall grass. All of these naturally attract bees.
  2. Moth balls are an effective bee repellent. Although these are designed to deter moths, their strong odor also repels wasps and bees. Scatter a few around your area to deter bees.
  3. Avoid using bright colors or bold colors for your picnic cloth. Bees find these very appealing. Sticking to more muted tones decreases the chances that some bees will make an appearance at your picnic.
  4. Bees dislike the scent of cloves, cucumbers, and marigolds. By incorporating one of these items into your fun outing will make for a bee-free experience.
  5. Keep a close eye on sugar-packed foods. Bees love desserts, sodas, and other sweet treats.

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