Ants in Kitchen
Ants in Kitchen
Ants in Your Kitchen!

You have ants in your kitchen! Now what?

Carpenter ants are one of New England’s major pest species, but when it comes to the nuisance factor, small ants in the kitchen has to be number one!

They seem to come from nowhere. Out a little hole that is invisible to the eye. And then march across our countertops seeking little morsels in the form of crumbs or forgotten bits of food.

Responding quickly and effectively at first sight is essential if you want to keep them from bringing their friends to the party.

Before you call the professionals, here’s a few steps you can take:

First, a good, thorough cleaning and sanitizing of your kitchen is necessary to reduce the available food for your little visitors. This means pulling out your appliances and cleaning thoroughly in the hard to reach places.

Next, you can try small ant traps, such as Combat Ant Bait or Terro Liquid Ant Baits. Our customers have reported good results using these products when dealing with small ant problems (not carpenter ants).

If you’ve cleaned your kitchen and have set your traps and those little critters are still on the march, it’s time to call the professionals! If you’ve exhausted your options, don’t wait to call for help. Little ant problems become big ant problems in the blink of an eye!

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