How to Treat a Bees Sting

When fun and sunny weather rolls through the Northeast area, bees and other pesky insects are sure to follow. Graduate Pest Solutions is here to help you maintain a safe and healthy home with these tips and tricks to maintaining a bee-proof home. Here are five tips to prevent bees in and around your home:

Wasps and Yellowjackets

  1. Ensure that any and all cracks, crevices, and small holes are repaired. Bees may seek shelter in or near your home, so eliminating these possible entry ways makes it much harder for these insects to invade your home.
  2. Maintain a clean yard! Bees often gravitate towards trash and debris. By doing this, it will deter bees and other pests from inhabiting your yard. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re lounging in your backyard is an eerie buzzing sound.
  3. Keep an eye on indoor and outdoor water sources. From small pools of water outside to a leaky faucet inside, it is important to closely monitor water sources that could potentially prove to be problematic. Bugs thrive near water, so limiting this resource for them will in turn make for a bee-proof space.
  4. Screens are a very effective and simple method for preventing a wide variety of insects from getting into your house. The screen will allow you to prevent bees from entering your home.
  5. Lastly, act swiftly! The sooner you detect that there may be a bee nest, the sooner you can call a professional to take care of the problem. The longer you prolong the issue, the worse it will get. It’s much better to address these bees quickly, as it will save you a lot of frustration and money in the long run.

Need a Treatment?

If some troublesome bees find their way into your space, Contact Us today to find out more about our highly-effective services and treatment options. We’re hear to help families in the greater Springfield, Northampton, Enfield and Hartford areas keep their homes free and clear of bees and other pests.

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