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Nothing disturbs a person’s day more than finding a spider crawling around their home or work space. There’s a reason why so many people debate which family member or co-worker has the challenging task of getting rid of a spider! Do you try to pick it up with a gob of tissue or spray some Raid and call it day. But, what about an effective, long-term solution to the problem. Graduate has the experience, knowledge and expertise to control and prevent spiders, and ensure your peace of mind.

Types of Spiders control and prevent spiders

Spiders typically have eight legs and two primary body segments and there are thousands of different species of these arachnids. Some of the most common spider species in New England  include (but are not limited to) cellar spiders,  common house spiders, garden spiders, wolf spiders,  funnel weavers, jumping spiders and dozens more. Check out the complete directory here for more details about what spiders may be lurking in your area.

Warning Signs

Two of the common warning signs that spiders are lurking about are the presence of webs with egg sacks. While the size and shape of their webs differ depending on species, they are all made of a fine silk that spiders produce. Egg sacks are an indication that a female spider has produced a group of eggs and more spiders are on the way! If you want to efficiently control and prevent spiders, keep an eye out for these signs of infestation.

Control and Prevent Spiders

Spiders typically find their way into a property through unsecured windows,  doors and foundation and other structural openings. They occasionally “hitchhike” on items being brought into your home and work place. Double check that box of outdoor toys that you bring into the basement from the back yard! It is also a smart idea to repair or replace damaged screens throughout your property. Spiders thrive in clutter and small spaces. Solidify your peace of mind by keeping clutter to a minimum and clearing out potential hiding places for these arachnids, such as crawl spaces and storage areas.

Need a Treatment?

If your spider threshold is breached and you can’t control your urge to scratch and twitch,  Contact Us today to find out about our highly-effective and affordable treatment options. Sign up to our Mailing List to receive updates and special offers from Graduate Pest Solutions!
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