Chemicals Aren’t Always the Solution to Pest Problems

When many people see an insect or other little critter invading their home, their first instinct is to spray, spray, spray. Who can blame them? Nobody wants to see our creepy-crawly friends scurrying across their kitchen floor! But if you’re one of the many homeowners in New England who use pesticides (or call a professional to apply pesticides) to solve their pest problems, you should know two things:

  1. It’s very easy to overuse pesticides, and

  2. Sometimes pesticides may not be effective!  

How is this possible? Let us explain.

Say your home has an ant infestation. You spray the visible ants with pesticides, but the infestation doesn’t go away. So you call a professional to spray some more pesticides, but the infestation still doesn’t go away. What gives?

Instead of just spraying the ants you see, you have to keep in mind that an infestation can have thousand of members in a nest, hidden out of sight. So while you’re killing a few members of the colony, the ones in the nest can keep on multiplying. Also, using more of a pesticide, or mixing it stronger than the label says, might not work. This may make the pesticide less effective since the insect may be able to detect the stronger pesticide and avoid it all together.  Remember, it’s always best to read and follow the label.

If pesticides aren’t working, you or your pest control professional will have to try a different approach, such as leaving poisonous bait out for the ants to bring back into their nest. This is a more effective way to kill all the members of the colony, without exposing your family and pets to any sprayed chemicals. Check with your local pest control to see if they utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) an approach that solves pest problems while minimizing pesticide-related risks to people and the environment.

And remember, don’t over-spray or overuse pesticides, because there might be a better solution! Speaking of solutions, feel free to give Graduate Pest Solutions a call if you need help with a pest problem.

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