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5 Ways that Pests Devalue Your Home

Pests devalue your home with for sale sign
Don’t let pests devalue your home!

If you’re one of the many property owners across New England, you likely spend a lot of time and effort maintaining your home throughout the year. For most of us, our houses are our single biggest investments, and we take pride in keeping them in great shape. While there are several factors that can negatively affect your home’s value, there’s one that many people don’t always think about: pests! That’s right, infestations of pests devalue your home by undermining its quality and longevity. But how exactly can pests devalue your home? Here’s what homeowners in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut need to know.


The Cost of Pests

What’s on Deck?

A properly installed and maintained deck can add significant value to the exterior of your home. But many decks are susceptible to wood-destroying insects, such as carpenter bees, carpenter ants and termites. Consider using lumber pre-treated for pests, and periodically refinish your deck so no raw wood is exposed.


Who’s Coming Down the Chimney?

Everyone loves to sit by a cozy fireplace, especially during cold New England winters! And while the chimney might be an exit for smoke, it can very well become an entrance for pests. Fortunately, a chimney cap can prevent any unwanted visitors from coming in.


Down to the Wires

Wiring a home is already complex enough, but rodents can add to the headache here! According to estimates, rodents may be responsible for up to 25% of house fires officially classified as unknown origin. Be sure to follow our rodent tips to keep out these four-legged invaders!

A woman is holding a dead mouse by it's tail in the kitchen
Rodents are a common problem for homeowners

A Solid Foundation

A home is only as strong as its foundation, so take some time to inspect the interior and exterior of yours. Not only can cracks and gaps compromise the structural integrity, but they’re ideal entrance points for many pests, such as termites and carpenter ants.


Through the Vent

Appliances and HVAC systems come with a hefty price tag, but are typically cost-effective in terms of the value they add to your home. But if any pests sneak in through the vents or tubes, they can do a number on these expensive appliances! Try installing a damper over the dryer vent, and caulk or fill the openings around the HVAC utility piping.

pests devalue your home by entering holes next to AC unit
Common entry point next to AC unit

There’s no question about it, infestations of pests devalue your home! If you don’t want pests to lower your home’s value, consider implementing some of these safeguards. But if you feel like calling in the pros, don’t hesitate to reach out to Graduate Pest Solutions.

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