The Ants are Marching One by… One Hundred?! How to Prevent Ants in the Spring

Ants. They’re the house guests that none of us want, but nearly every homeowner across New England will encounter at some point. And while winter infestations are possible, spring is when you’re more likely to see ants in and around your home. So how can you prevent ants in the spring? Here’s what every homeowner in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut should know about ant-proofing.

Learn to Prevent Ants in the Spring with Our Tips

Where Do You Usually Find Ants?

Seeing ants outside your property is a good indication that they might be trying to get inside your property. When in doubt, check the kitchen, bathroom, and basement, but in order to prevent ants in the spring, be sure to know all of their hiding spaces. Spring is a great time to assess all of the areas of your home.

Cleanliness is Key

It doesn’t take much food to satisfy an ant. Be prompt with doing dishes, cleaning up spills and crumbs, and taking out the trash.  Keep pantry foods in sealed containers, and try to store produce in the refrigerator.

Pets and Ants

Household pets can provide an alternative source of food for households pests. Be sure to clean up after your pet as soon as they make a mess, and periodically sanitize their food bowls. Consider storing food and treats in sealed, durable containers.

Remove Standing Water Sources

Ants need water, too! Outdoors, make sure no water is flowing towards the foundation of the house, and clear gutters of any blockages. You may want to use a dehumidifier in areas of the home that are prone to moisture, like crawlspaces and basements. Repair or replace any leaky pipes.

Seal the Entry Ways

Stopping the ants before they get in will help ensure your home stays ant-free this spring! Cut back any branches or overgrown shrubbery that may be touching the house. Seal or repair any tiny cracks where the ants could come in, and repair or replace torn window screens.

For homeowners across New England, these tips can help to prevent ants in the spring. As always, give Graduate a call if an ant infestation starts to get the better of you. And feel free to explore our DIY guides for easy and natural ways to keep ants out of the house.

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