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How to Keep Wasps from Building a Nest

Prevent wasp nests like this yellowjacket on white background
Wasps: Painful Invaders!

Nothing throws a wrench in your outdoor activities like a wasp sting. While wasps are only moderately aggressive, they will sting if they feel threatened. Whether from a yellow jacket, hornet, or a paper wasp, the stings are extremely painful, and can even cause a hospital visit! It’s no wonder why many homeowners across New England get nervous when they spot a wasp nest on their gutters, deck, or siding. But before you huddle indoors all spring and summer, did you know there are ways to prevent wasp nests on your property, or lessen the likelihood that wasps will want to hang out near your home? How can residents of Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut prevent wasp nests on their property?


How to Prevent Wasp Nests at Your House


Clean up trash and unwanted food.

The first step is removing anything that attracts wasps, which can include food scraps, compost and garbage. Make sure your trash barrels have tight fitting lids, and consider removing any sweet attractors around your house, such as bird feed or nectars.


Maintain the structure of your home.

Take a walk around your property and note anything that needs to be repaired or replaced, such as broken panels or siding, torn window screens, and other crevices. Don’t give the wasps any areas to potentially squeeze into and make a nest!


Use wasp decoys!

Some wasps, such as paper wasps, are territorial and typically don’t like to build in areas where there is an existing nest. Many home or garden stores sell decorative nest decoys that can help deter wasps from trying to move in.


Try traps or spray.

Most home improvement stores sell various wasp baits, traps, and pesticides. Use these in targeted locations around your property, and you may be able to prevent wasp nests from popping up in your personal space. Remember to always use pesticide products as directed!

If you want some professional help to prevent wasp nests or eliminate a stinging insect problem on your property, considering giving Graduate a call.

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