Cockroaches in the Springfield and Hartford Areas

Ah, roaches! Perhaps one of the creepiest pests you can find in the home, thanks to their many legs and tendency to hang out in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition to making homeowners and apartment dwellers squeamish, cockroaches can pose health concerns by triggering asthma or allergies, and they can also contaminate food. Seeing one cockroach doesn’t always mean there are more, but when a homeowner or a property manager does have the misfortune of a cockroach infestation, it can be a major hassle to eliminate them! At Graduate Pest Solutions, we know the best methods and treatment options for keeping your home cockroach-free. What sets us apart from the competition?

Cockroaches in the Springfield  and Hartford Areas: Three Ways We Treat Them

We use gel baits instead of spraying

Thanks to newer products with new chemistries as well as new strategies, we’re able to treat roaches with gel baits. These gel baits have a domino effect on roach populations, as the adults feed on the material and bring it back to the nest to feed immature roaches. This effectively kills the entire nest. Gel products also allow for preventative treatments, and unlike sprays, don’t require the hassle of needing to prepare for treatment by emptying cabinets, moving belongings, or leaving the home for an extended period of time. This makes gel baits pet-friendly, so your furry friends will thank you!

We provide targeted recommendations on where and how to clean.

We don’t just want to treat the problem; we want to help homeowners and property managers prevent future roaches by providing recommendations on how to minimize them. Typically, the focus is the kitchen and bathroom, and we advise clients to clean dishes, remove grease, and pull out the stove and refrigerator to clean behind them. Grease can absorb the old sprays and limit the effectiveness of the material. Furthermore, the baits compete with the grease as a food source. We want the roaches to eat the baits, not the grease.

We provide clear communication and follow up.

This goes for single-family and multi-family properties! When it comes to treating an apartment building or other multi-unit complex, we’ll provide property managers and residents with clear information about the appropriate level of treatment and follow-up. We’ll also provide preventative recommendations. One unit affects others, so we will coordinate treatment within a multi-family building and communicate any cleaning and sanitation recommendations to all residents in a coordinated fashion. This will help get and keep the building roach free.

When it comes to roaches, you do not need to continue living with them! Working with a qualified pest control expert is the key to getting rid of these pests for good.  Graduate’s friendly and helpful technicians have the knowledge, resources and effective communication to treat and prevent these nasty pests.  Learn more now!

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