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What are some natural ways to Avoid tick Bites?

Sure, you can use insecticide sprays to minimize tick activity around your home, but there are some natural solutions you can utilize right now to avoid tick bites.

As temperatures rise, practicing safe habits can help keep you, your family and your pets free of disease-carrying ticks. The proper attire, well-kept property and smart decisions in heavily wooded areas can dramatically decrease the likelihood of ticks finding you or a loved one.

The National Pest Management Association recommends these steps to avoid tick bites:

Choose Proper Clothing

If you’re going to be spending time in wooded and tall grassy areas, wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and closed-toe shoes. Wearing light-colored clothing will make it easier to spot ticks.

Maintain Your Yard

To keep your yard tick-free, keep the grass cut low and remove weeds, brush piles and accumulated debris, which can attract rodent carrying ticks and other pests. Keep shrubs, bushes, and other vegetation well pruned, particularly around patios and play areas.

Hike Smart

When hiking, do your best to stay in the center of trails, away from vegetation where ticks may be hiding and waiting to hitch a ride.

In addition to following these steps, always conduct a thorough body check. Finding and removing ticks before they can become fully attached is very important for disease prevention.

If you do find yourself, your family, or your pets carrying one of these hitchhikers, take care in removing them. Follow our in-depth guide on proper tick removal.

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