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N,N-diethylbenzamide (DEET) is the most used mosquito repellant. Most off-the-shelf mosquito repellants contain at least 7% DEET. Given how commonly it is used, is there a concern in the health-effects of DEET to human?

The short answer is no. Many studies have been done around the long-term effects of DEET on humans, including Consumer Reports, NPR, and the Journal of Insect Science. For Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut residents like Springfield, Longmeadow, and East Longmeadow, it means products with DEET are safe as long as the label instructions are followed, and products are not misused.

How do I properly apply repellant to avoid misuse?

  • Find the right insect repellent! The CDC and EPA recommend using a repellent that is EPA-approved and contains one or more of the following ingredients: at least 20% DEET, 20% Picaridin, or 30% oil of lemon eucalyptus.
  • Make sure you read the label and follow all instructions carefully. Shake the container well before you use the repellent.
  • Holding the repellent 6 to 8 inches from the skin, spray it evenly over exposed skin. Spray over any clothing, and do not apply the repellent to the skin under your clothing.
  • Spray the repellent onto your hands first and then apply to your face. Avoid the eyes, mouth, and nostrils.

What else can I do to protect myself from mosquitos?

Get rid of standing water around your home and property.  Mosquitos can lay eggs in as little as half an inch of water. Keep grass neat and cut back any overgrown shrubs or tree limbs. Smooth out any divots or holes in your lawn so they don’t pool with water during rainfall. To give yourself the best protection, call the professionals – we offer services and utilize materials that will significantly reduce mosquito populations around your home and property. 

Want To Know More About Giving Yourself The Best Protection From Mosquitos?

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