The National Pest Management Association released its fall and winter Pest Forecast for regions across the U.S. We’ve got some bad news for pest haters in the Northeast: the heatwaves and humidity drove up more than just your air conditioning bill. Based on weather pattern analyses, entomologists aren’t expecting a break in the pest pressure anytime soon.

To recap:  the summer brought unusually high temperatures and heavy rainfall across New England. Stink bugs and lady bugs flourished, and tick populations spiked.

Here’s what to expect for the rest of the fall and coming winter:

  • Thankfully, summer pests, such as ticks or mosquitos, should be winding down as the temperature has been consistently below 50-degrees.
  • Plan on a high number of stink bugs and lady bugs to move indoors, seeking shelter from the cooler temperatures. They will often congregate on exterior walls in preparation for the move inside.
  • Once temperatures do drop, rodent populations will also look for shelter indoors. Consider these pest prevention tips to keep them from getting cozy in your home this winter.

If you’re experiencing a problem with any pests in or around your home, feel free to give us a call.