NPMA Bug Barometer

NPMA Spring Pest ForecastThe National Pest Management Association just released its spring pest forecast for New England. We might be ready for warmer weather and sunshine, but unfortunately, so are the pests. Based on weather pattern analyses, entomologists can give you an idea of what the critters and bugs will be doing this spring in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut.

To recap: the winter brought extremely cold temperatures and several heavy snowstorms, driving rodents and other overwintering pests indoors.

Here’s the pest forecast you can expect for the spring season:

  • If cold weather persists into spring, you can count on seeing rodents continue to move indoors in search of food and warmth. Learn how to rodent-proof your home!
  • Protect yourself– and your pets–from ticks! Once temperatures do stay consistently warm, expect ticks to be a major concern again this year.
  • Termite swarmers will search for suitable locations to build colonies once the ground thaws. Be on the lookout for signs of an infestation in your home!
  • Areas of standing water will become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and good foraging locations for termites, which could increase the populations.

Hope this pest forecast was helpful! If you have any questions or are experiencing a pest problem in or around your home, feel free to give Graduate a call. We have everything you need for a pest-free spring!