Lights, Trail Camera, Action!

raccoons in the attic, using trail cameras for pest control
Are pests ‘hanging out’ at your house?

Do you ever hear a thudding sound in your attic? How about bumps in the basement, or a scratching noise coming from the walls? Maybe every night it sounds like there’s someone–or something–moving around right outside the house? Don’t call in a ghost hunter just yet– those noises could simply be caused by pests like mice, squirrels or bats. But how can you tell what kind of pest is keeping you up at night? That’s where trail cameras can come into play.


What Are the Benefits of Using Trail Cameras for Pest Control?

Trail cameras, or game cameras,  aren’t just for the forest anymore. Many people have started setting them up at various points in their home– such as entryways or the attic–when they suspect they might have a pest problem. With infrared technology, the cameras are perfect for areas with little to no light, and are capable of storing recorded video and still images.

If you aren’t sure what kind of pest is infesting your home, a trail camera can be used for identification purposes. This will help you determine what kind of treatment plan you’ll need (e.g., an exterminator or a wildlife control expert). If you live in a rural community like Monson, Wilbraham or Hampden, this can be an especially good solutions, as many homes abut heavily forested areas in these communities. Using trail cameras for pest control can be a beneficial tactic if you suspect you might have an infestation. 


Check out the video below for an example of an attic trail camera in action.


What Should You Look for When Purchasing a Trail Camera?

The good news is that trail cameras won’t break the bank– they’re available inexpensively at many retail or sporting goods stores.

Look for one with infrared capabilities, or night vision, with a high quality image resolution so you can get a clear picture. In addition, try to get one with no detectable flash, and place it in a covert location. If an animal notices the camera, they might alter their behavior or find a new hiding spot! 

If you’re hearing strange sounds throughout the house and think they might be pest related, consider using trail cameras for pest control. And as always, if you have a nuisance pest wreaking havoc on your home– don’t be afraid to give Graduate a call. We’ll make sure your home stays free of pests– and bumps in the night!