With cold and flu season upon us, many people across New England will unfortunately be spending time at a doctor’s office, hospital ER, health clinic, or other medical facility. Many of us love our pets and as a result, may develop a serious flea infestation at home.  It is not uncommon for an ailing person with an infested home to be transported to a medical facility and bring some fleas with them. It’s a rare occasion, but fleas in medical facilities can sometimes happen.

Fleas are tenacious pests and no place with warm bodies is safe from becoming infested. That includes hospitals and doctors offices. With all the people coming and going, there’s a chance that fleas could be present in a medical facility.

If you recently spent time at a hospital or other medical facility and have heard the staff or patient “whispering” of biting fleas, be vigilant when you get home! Check yourself for fleas, and know the signs of a flea infestation! Our tips below should keep you protected when it comes to fleas in medical facilities.  

How to Tell if You’ve Got Fleas

Note: Flea bites can manifest differently on different people, so when in doubt, call your doctor!

  • Most flea bites are unnoticeable until they start to get itchy, which can be a few days after the initial bite.
  • In general, flea bites appear reddish and look like a small bump. There may be a small hole in the center of the bump, this is where the flea sucked blood.
  • Depending on your skin sensitivity, the radius of the redness may become darker and larger.
  • Most flea bites come in groups, as one flea can make multiple puncture wounds.
  • Flea bites will likely be itchy and/or sore.

Fleas Prefer Your Pets

Know that the little biters prefer your pets to you, and will likely abandon you for a tastier victim,  your pets! Check your pets regularly and give them their flea control treatments!

If you do fall victim to some hungry fleas, be sure to check out our treatment tips.

Should you encounter any fleas in medical facilities, please alert a staff member immediately and discreetly.  If you encounter them at home, feel free to give Graduate a call!

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