Vermin in Vehicles

Nobody likes dealing with car troubles. From worn-out brake pads to dead batteries, a problematic car can cause a whole lot of headaches. This is especially true for New Englanders during the winter! But while you’re scraping snow off of your windshield and trying to navigate the icy roads, watch out for another threat to your vehicle wellbeing: rodents!

Winter is  Popular Time for Rodent-Infested Vehicles

Cars and trucks offer an ideal shelter for rats and mice to spend the winter. Once a rodent manages to get inside the vehicle through a vent or shaft, they are safely insulated from cold temperatures and potential predators. Some car and truck brands are now manufacturing with plant-based materials, like soy wiring. These are a particularly tasty snack for rodents.  By chewing on wires, upholstery or insulation, rodents can cause significant damage to your vehicle. Therefore it’s crucial that you protect your car from rodents and other vermin during the winter season.

How to Protect Your Car from Rodents

  • Keep the Vehicle Clean: Pick up those Dunkin’ bags! Paper, tissues and fast food bags can quickly pile up and serve as nesting material for mice.
  • Promptly Address Moisture Build Up: Water is a necessity for rodents to survive, so a leak in the heater or wet materials left in the vehicle will draw them in.
  • Eliminate Entry Points: An open sunroof or cracked window is all a mouse needs to easily gain entry to a car. Make sure they remain closed when the car is unattended.
  • Pay Attention to the Garage: Despite parking in a garage, vehicles can still be at risk for rodents. Take extra measures to ensure the garage is rodent-free by keeping trash cans covered, eliminating excess debris, clearing clutter and caulking/sealing any gaps or openings where rodents can squeeze through.
  • Check Under the Hood: Rodents tend to build their nests near the engine due to the warmth it generates. Routinely take a look under the hood to ensure invaders haven’t made their way in, as rodents situated here have easy access to crucial circuitry.
  • Contact a Pro: Take the car to your mechanic if a rodent infestation is suspected or found. For rodent infestations in the home, contact your local pest professionals.

These measures can help protect your car from rodents this winter. For any and all pest-related questions and concerns, feel free to give Graduate a call. We’ll put the pedal to the metal and get your problem taken care of!