With hiking in western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut becoming more popular in the time of social distancing, people in Enfield, Springfield, Holyoke and Chicopee find it’s incredibly important to know how to remove ticks from pets. We’ll walk you through the steps to remove ticks from pets in a safe and thorough way.

Of Course, Prevention is Always the Best Medicine

Conducting a thorough body check after enjoying a nice hike with your pet is the “best medicine.” Finding and removing ticks before they can become fully attached is very important for disease prevention. The National Pest Management Association provides an effective guide to avoiding Lyme Disease. Hartford and Hampden counties are prime territories for the black-legged tick (aka, Deer Tick), the tick responsible for Lyme Disease.

Follow These Steps to Safely Remove Ticks from Pets

You’ll need fine-tipped tweezers, soap, water, rubbing alcohol, and a tissue.

  • Stay calm
  • Gently pull back any hair from the skin around the tick, exposing the tick and/or bite area.
  • Find the head of the tick (don’t grab the body and pull which can leave the head behind under the skin).
  • Grasp the tick’s head as close to the skin as possible using the fine-tipped tweezers
  • Gently squeeze and slowly pull the head cleanly out of the skin
  • Be sure to pull outward in a straight motion until the pressure pulls out the head of the tick.
  • Once removed, thoroughly clean the bite area and your hands with soap and water. (You can also use rubbing alcohol or an iodine scrub.)
  • Dispose of the tick by flushing it down the toilet or wrapping it in a tissue and placing it in a closed receptacle.
  • Do not try to crush the tick.

Ticks are more prevalent in high grasses, but they can travel onto your property from other people and animals and make their home there. The best way to protect your property, family, and pets is to perform regular tick treatments on your property.

Download Our Comprehensive Guide to Tick Prevention

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