With Labor Day next week, a whole host of new pests are about to become a problem. Residents of Hartford, Tolland, and Hampden county will start seeing cooler weather, which drives some outdoor pests indoors. We’re going to cover what pests to look out for this fall and how to take measures to prevent them.

There’s a Mouse in the House

The most prevalent and problematic pest for fall is the standard field mouse. These little critters may look cute, but they bring a whole host of issues with them. Mouse droppings can make their way into your food, causing illness. They burrow through insulation, reducing climate control, and home value. Potentially the most upsetting issue is the smell—rodents communicate via urine—gross!

Not Halloween Webs

Spiders typically perform the useful function of insect management, catching many other pests in their webs. This doesn’t mean you should offer an open invitation to the many-legged insects. Many spiders in our region are not poisonous but will still bite if handled. Keep pets and children away from spider nests or follow our tips to keep them out of your home in the first place.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Fall

  • Fall pests can get in through unbelievably small gaps—namely doorways and damaged window screens. Attach door sweeps for door frames that aren’t airtight.
  • Fresh air is important to you and the health of your home.  However, if you ventilate your home, ensure the intake points are screened and covered.
  • One of the most common entryways for pests is where the utilities route into your home. Fill in the gaps between pipes and foundation or siding with caulking.
  • Survey your pantry for easily accessible food sources. Store food in sturdy airtight containers when possible.
  • Regularly take out the trash, especially where food is disposed of.
  • Run dehumidifiers in parts of your home with excess moisture: attics, crawlspaces, and basements.
  • Keep your property tidy, store wood away from your home.

Don’t fall for Fall. The team at Graduate Pest Solutions tackles all seasons. Call us at 413-566-8222 or contact us with any questions or if you are experiencing a pest problem. We have the knowledge and the services necessary to help keep your home pest-free!