Even with the daily temperature fluctuating, Fall is here. Now is an important time to prepare your home for cooler weather. As we’ve covered previously, Fall is a time when pests will scope out your home for a warm place to ride out Winter. Pests like rodents, cockroaches, and spiders can live longer than a year meaning they’re going to need to place somewhere to survive as it gets colder. We’ve collected ten fall pest tips to help you prepare your home to keep these invaders out.



Top 10 Fall pest tips

  1. A common entry point for fall pests is a surprising location: the roof. Some rodents can climb a tree to a branch overhanging your home and access the upper area of your home that way. Chimney openings and attic vents are typically unscreened because most homeowners don’t know them to be entry points. Other unexpected openings are animal doors and mail slots, especially if there’s no storm door.
  2. Moisture is critical for pests hoping to hide out during winter. Basements, attics, and crawl spaces can harbor moisture and have less foot traffic than the rest of your home. Avoid this by running dehumidifiers in exceptionally wet areas, like the basement.
  3. Mice can squeeze through cracks and holes as small as a dime. Time and weather can erode your foundation and siding and Fall is a perfect time to survey your home for damage. Be sure to pay special attention to places where utilities like cable and water are connected to your home.
  4. Beyond water, pests need food—obviously—to survive. Your kitchen is prime real estate for harvesting a meal for pests. Start by keeping your floors and counters clean. Take pantry items like cereal and oats that are normally stored in flimsy boxes and put them in sturdy air-tight containers. Regularly take out your trash to covered receptacles outside your home.
  5. Good Fall maintenance usually includes weather-stripping repair. The benefits of keeping your home draft-free also keep it pest-free.
  6. In the days leading up to cold temperatures, pests will likely already be hiding out on your property in firewood piles and shrubbery. Keep your firewood covered and dry and at least 20 feet from structures. Well-kept bushes and trees are harder for pests to hide out in.
  7. It may be tempting to open windows to let the beautiful New England Fall air in but make sure you keep the screens down. Even small cracks and tears can allow pests to find their way in. Be sure to repair any broken screens.
  8. With Halloween decorations making their way out of storage, be sure to give them a good inspection before opening them up inside. This is especially if they’ve sat, undisturbed in the garage or basement for a whole year. We recommend you do any decoration unboxing outside and giving them a thorough inspection. 
  9. We love our pets and we’re sure you do too but don’t leave their food out overnight. Pet food is a very common food source for pests and is typically easy to access when sitting on the floor. With less activity in the middle of the night, rodents can scurry their way to a pet food bowl with little difficulty.
  10. Many homeowners know that Fall gutter cleaning is essential to prevent ice buildup. What many don’t know is that pooling water is very attractive to most pests, like mosquitoes hoping to lay eggs for Spring. Keeping gutters clear and having good drainage that leads away from your home is essential.

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