Hot summer days make for beautiful summer evenings. The one downside to staying out past dusk is the pests that make relaxing…Unrelaxing! —especially mosquitoes. These buzzing bad guys range from a nuisance to blood disease bearers known for West Nile virus. As pest pros, there are some things we can do to help keep mosquitoes off our property. We’ll cover some things you can do right now as well as some long-term solutions.

Keep mosquitoes off your back(yard) right now

Scan your property for areas where water collects. The most common places that water collects include pool covers, birdbaths, flowerpots, and any pile of stored construction “leftovers” or “gonna need someday” pile with a tarp over it!  Mosquitos reproduce by laying their eggs in standing water so removing these breeding areas can have a huge impact.

One of the more unexpected water-collecting areas is leaf-blocked gutters. If there is a sagging low spot, be sure to add a new brace that ensures flow toward the downspout. If there is not a downspout diverter, you can aim water away from your primary property with an extender. They are easy enough to find at a hardware store and equally easy to install.

National Pest Management Association has created a guide to water sources on your property that you can reference when doing your sweep. NPMA is one of the largest non-profit resources for pest control.

Professionals are your best bet to help keep mosquitoes off your property for good

We may be a little biased but it’s simply because we’ve tried almost every imaginable solution to blood disease-toting pests. Our methods are the result of over 30 years of testing and applying evolving technology and chemistry. Whenever a new advancement in pest control, we do significant research and ensure any solution is safe and effective.

Our process is different because we do far more than monthly applications of a pesticide. Our materials require certification from either Connecticut or Massachusetts authorities and are the product of extensive testing. But even beyond the actual application, we perform what’s known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Part of IPM is what we’ve described above–a thorough inspection of your property.

Our technicians will survey your property’s exterior and identify areas of concern. We make recommendations and pursue immediate solutions when possible. We’ve seen many breeding areas and can make recommendations for dealing with them. Use our guide below to get to know mosquitoes better and how to prevent them.

Download Our Comprehensive Info Sheet for Mosquito Control

Take back your summer nights. Our team at Graduate Pest Solutions specializes in prevention. Call us at 413-566-8222 or contact us with any questions or if you are experiencing a pest problem. We have the knowledge and service necessary to help keep your home and workplace pest-free!

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