Most homeowners do a relatively good job of keeping their homes clean and free of the things that attract pests. Sealing food, wiping surfaces, and taking out the trash are all great practices for keeping your home pest-free but you may find you still get bugs. There are plenty of reasons that pests can be drawn to your home despite your vigorous cleaning efforts. Here are things to look out for and what to do about them.

Excess moisture is a big draw

Many pests rely heavily on moisture in the air, on the walls, and ground for survival and reproductions. Even further still, some predator pests like spiders will make their webs near moist areas to look for easy prey. The most common areas of high moisture are basements, attics, and porches. Especially in our area of the northeast, we have warm, wet summers. 

To combat the excess moisture, run a dehumidifier in your basement. Ensure the square footage of your basement is manageable with one unit. If necessary, run an additional unit on the other side of your basement. Frequently check your attic for signs of leaking. Quickly patching holes in your roof has many benefits, reducing pest appeal is one of them.

Ease of access

Even with a clean home, you may still have areas with easy entry points for pests. With pest-appeal-like moisture and safety from predators, your home can still be attractive to pests, regardless of cleanliness. Many pests will enter your home through cracks in the foundation. Utilize caulk or mortar patch to seal these cracks and prevent future access to your basement and home. Flying pests and ants are able to get into your home through broken screens in windows. Patch holes, even small ones to manage those types of pests.

Bathrooms are their best friends

Pest love moisture and bathrooms are another commonplace in the home where water can typically accumulate. It’s important to inspect pipes, toilets, sink, and tubs to ensure there are no leaks. Occasionally give your bathroom a thorough cleaning with disinfectant. Don’t forget to wipe the insides of the drawers. Make sure the shampoo and soap bottles are secure and clean up any spills.

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