If you’ve noticed signs of mice in your home, you’re likely ready to implement some pest control methods. That might be snap traps, glue traps, or rodenticide bait. Each has its benefit but also has some downsides. When it comes to poison bait as a method for pest control, it’s worth noting that some rodent control methods are not safe for furry family members. Are there pet-friendly mouse poison options?

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Mice Poisons and Your Pets

The first safety rule when using rodenticide bait is to keep it inaccessible to pets and children!  That means placing it in areas out of reach and preferably hidden out of sight to discourage curious minds. Please note that rodenticides are poisons but when properly used they can be a great asset in your mice control strategy.

The second rule is to place them out in a tamper-resistant station.  This way if a station is discovered it is still very difficult to access the bait inside.  Tamper-resistant stations are sturdy enough to discourage pets and children’s interest and keep the bait secured “out of sight” inside.  And of course, properly designed stations WILL allow mice access to the bait, just not pets, and children. 

Lastly, with all the rodenticide products available the question of whether or not a particular product is potentially harmful to your pet depends on multiple factors, including the specific active ingredient, how much your pet ingests compared to how much your pet weighs, your pet’s medical history.  Talk to your veterinarian so you can get good information relative to your pet’s particulars.

Signs Of Poisoning

Different poisons cause different symptoms.  The most common rodenticides cause one of three things: internal bleeding, brain swelling, or hypercalcemia (high calcium level, which can lead to kidney failure).  If you suspect your pet has ingested some rodenticide, see your vet immediately or call the Pet Poison Helpline (we need a number here Billy).  If you have hired a pest control company, contact them for the product-rodenticide information.  This will be helpful for your vet to know.

How To Keep Your Pets Safe

Keep mice and rat poisons well out of reach of pets.  If the poison comes in a plastic bait station, make sure you use the bait station to help deter pets and children from accessing the bait (some pets can still chew through the bait station, so it is best to place them out of reach).

Professional Pest Control Treatments

When working with a professional pest control company, be sure to inform your technician about any pets or small children in the home. A knowledgeable technician should be able to answer any questions and advise you on any safeguards, such as removing the pets from the home for a set period of time. The company may also offer pet-safe options.

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