Zillow notes that the best time to list your home for a quick sale is prior to Labor day. In any home sale, a lender will require a termite inspection for home purchase. Whether you’re selling or buying, a termite inspection can and will have an impact on your process. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to a termite inspection for home purchase.

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Where do termites go during the winter?

Termites thrive in the spring and summer months and tend to hide out when it’s not as warm. Once the cold weather hits, termites may forage inside your home in search of warmer temperatures. While termite activity is a headache for any homeowner,  it can also be a huge hassle for anyone trying to buy a home in winter or early spring.

Although half of the houses on the market are sold during the summer, many real estate experts claim that the colder months are the best time to buy a home. This is when buyers benefit from less competition. For that reason, fall and winter are popular choices for many potential homebuyers.


So What’s The Problem?

During a real estate transaction, a bank or mortgage company will typically require a termite inspection. If termites or evidence of termites are found during the inspection, they’ll require treatment before granting a mortgage. This can create a bigger problem than many people realize, as applying a termiticide to frozen or saturated soil is a violation of EPA termiticide regulations. It’s also not in the homebuyer’s best interest, as any treatments applied in cold weather may be ineffective!

Sellers typically look for the cheapest price for service and may be less interested in the treatment’s timing. So as a buyer, be aware and negotiate a springtime treatment when the soil is most accepting of the termiticide. Having termites survive the treatment will only be an issue for the buyer when the weather warms and the seller is out of the equation.


How much does a termite treatment cost?

Thanks to research from Forbes magazine, we know that the average termite inspection is just shy of $600. However, it’s also noted that prices can vary wildly. Things like the home’s square footage, age, location, and availability can cause that amount to go up or down. The best way to find out how much a termite inspection will cost is to obtain quotes. We strongly recommend finding multiple quotes, even if considering Graduate Pest Solutions.

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