Certain pests, like spiders, cockroaches, and rodents, need to find a safe and warm place to hide out during colder months. We’ve covered it recently, but these pests are making their way in now. This is why performing pest control treatments now is so important. Once pests have set up camp in your home it’s harder to remove them. Let’s talk about common Fall pests and how to treat them.

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Mouse or rat? Oh drat!

Hands down, the most common Fall pest we get called about are rodents. The telltale signs of a rodent infestation are droppings, smells, or signs of food tampering. If you enter a less-traveled area of your home—such as your basement—and come across small, black granules, those could be mouse droppings. These rodent feces can cause health risks and is a big part of why fall pest control treatments are so important.


So, what can you do right now to prevent rodents from entering your home?

  1. Perform regular maintenance to your home: scan your foundation for cracks and holes. Mice can squeeze through a hole as small as a dime. Caulk cracks and holes with a silicone formula that is well-rated. Trim branches that overhang your home, especially in areas with roof access like chimneys and attic vents.
  2. Inspect your pantry: a common food source for rodents is the same food you eat! Things like cereal and oats come in cardboard boxes and tubes. A rodent can easily chew through material like cardboard. The solution is to transfer foodstuffs like these to sealable containers that are inaccessible to them. This also has the added benefit of being less accessible to other pests like weevils!
  3. Call a pro: obviously, we have a bias here but our over 30 years of experience has given us insight into rodents more than the average homeowner. We can tell if a cellar door is easily accessible to a rodent. We know the best places for “snap traps” that will not only be successful but are out of your family’s way. We can safely place traps well away from children and pets!

Fall pest control treatments for more than mice

Beyond rodents, there are quite a few pests that rule Autumn. Some species of cockroaches definitely live longer than a year and need your warm home to thrive during Winter. As we’ve covered previously, spiders never actually leave your home but only become noticeable as they hunt or become more numerous. Your warm home is a hunting ground full of other pests that are food for spiders.

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