If you’re one of the many residents of Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut, chances are you’ve seen a pest in your home at some point. Whether it be a rodent, ant, spider, or something else, most homeowners are no strangers to the occasional uninvited guest. Fortunately, several pest prevention products you can buy may help alleviate your or your loved ones’ pest woes. And just in time for the holiday shopping season!

Here are four pest-prevention products to put on your holiday shopping list!

Bait Station

An exterior bait station is a device—usually, a heavy-duty hard plastic box– that is placed outside your home and filled with rodenticide bait. Once consumed, the rodent will die within 3-4 days. Bait stations can be an effective method of controlling outdoor rodent populations, which, in turn, can keep the mice and rats out of your house!

Trail Camera

Trail cameras for pest control? That’s right, if you or someone you know suspects a pest problem but aren’t sure what kind of pest is the culprit, you could try catching them in the act! Trail cameras can be set up at various points in your home, such as the attic, entryways, or basement. With infrared technology, these cameras are perfect for areas with little to no light!

Snap Traps

When it comes to getting ahead of a rodent infestation, nothing beats the classic snap trap. If you see a mouse and want to avoid a full-blown infestation, have some snap traps on hand. Make sure you use a variety of tasty food items as bait— mice will overlook a glob of old peanut butter on the trap in favor of cookies in your cabinets!

An ongoing service subscription from a local pest control company!

Many pest control businesses offer ongoing service programs, such as our GradShield program. Your pest control professional will evaluate your pest situation and develop a personalized plan to fit your needs. Regular pest treatments can save you money in the long run!

These pest-prevention products might not be as flashy or fun as some other holiday gifts, but they can provide peace of mind and a pest-free home!

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