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There are so many questions about ticks that whole studies have been done around the subject. Below are the five most asked questions along with some tips on contending with them.  People In Western Massachusetts And Northern Connecticut asked:

1) What happens if you get bitten by a tick?

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to safely remove a tick. If you develop a fever, rash or feel generally unwell after a tick bite, it’s important that you go see a doctor.

2) Where do ticks live?

It’s assumed that ticks live in heavily wooded areas with tall grass. While that’s true, ticks can live right in your backyard. They can shelter in loose leaf piles, abandoned debris and even firewood. Follow our guide to keeping your yard tick-free.

3) Can ticks kill you?

Lyme disease, a common disease transmitted by ticks can have lasting physical effects if not treated. Early treatment with antibiotics can minimize the impact of Lyme disease but delayed treatment can impact the spine and brain, requiring long-term care.

4) What does a tick bite look like?

The most obvious sign of a tick bite is the tick itself, latched onto or burrowed beneath the skin. Although not always present, the most recognizable sign is an expanding “bull’s-eye” rash, which indicates Lyme disease.

5) How can I prevent tick bites?

Choose light-colored clothing—long pants and high socks. Ticks are easier to see on light-colored clothing.   Maintain your yard by clearing debris, raking leaves and store materials properly. View our guide on keeping yourself tick-free. The best way to significantly reduce tick populations on your property is to contact a professional. They have the equipment and expertise to properly apply a treatment safely and effectively.

Let us keep your property tick-free.

We use best-in-industry materials coupled with regularly scheduled treatments to give you, your family and your pets the best chance at avoiding tick bites and diseases, and answering your questions about ticks.

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