GradShield Preventative Plans

Call today to help prevent pests from infesting your home and keep your space healthy, pest-free and worry-free. Graduate Pest Solutions is the perfect blend of high-quality solutions, personal, and friendly service.  Choose one of our convenient Preventative Plans.


GradShield Silver

The GradShield Silver Service Plan includes three scheduled preventative exterior services each year.

During each service, your tech will remove wasp and hornet nests from one structure, up to 15’ from ground. They will also remove spiders and their webs from the exterior of one structure up to 15’ from ground. There are no charges for extra service for pests/areas covered under the BasicCare category.

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GradShield Gold

The GradShield Gold Service Plan includes all of the benefits of the Silver Plan but extends your preventative measures further. Your tech will provide three scheduled exterior services and one interior service.

Like the Silver Plan, your tech will remove both wasp/hornet nests and spider webs from all structures. This prevention includes our Extended Care program as well as treatment for mice and rats. Additionally, your tech will monitor the exterior of your home for any signs of termite activity.

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GradShield Emerald

The GradShieldEmerald Service Plan includes all of the benefits of the Gold Service Plan as well as the Graduate Mosquito & Tick Reduction Program.

This plan provides the most comprehensive protection for your home, property, and family

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Graduate Mosquito & Tick Control

The Graduate Mosquito &Tick Reduction Program includes five scheduled treatments to help prevent disease-carrying insects from infesting your property. Your tech will visit and treat your property from May to October—when you need the protection the most.

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GradShield Preventative Plan Details

Scheduled Services 3 3 5 5
Scheduled Exterior Services 3 3 3/5*** 5
Scheduled Interior Services   1 1  
No Charge for Extra Services        
Basic Care
Carpenter Ants, Small Ants, House Crickets, Spider Mites, Outdoor Spiders, Centipedes, Millipedes, Ground Beetles, and Earwigs*
Extended Care
Firebrats, Silverfish, Cockroaches, Sow Bugs, Pill Bugs, Clothes Moths, Clover Mites, Springtails, and Stink Bug and Lady Bug Reduction, & Pantry Pests*
Wasp & Hornet Nests’ Removal: One Structure
(up to 15’ from ground)**
Wasp & Hornet Nests’ Removal: All structures
(nests high on structures within equipment reach)**
Exterior Spiderweb Removal: One Structure
(up to 15’ from ground)**
Exterior Spiderweb Removal: All Structures
(within equipment reach)**
Mice & Rats        
Termite Monitoring ****        
Mosquitoes & Ticks        

Our GradShield Programs are designed to be preventative. Existing infestations will require an initial corrective service which will be quoted separately.

* No charge for extra services for pests and areas covered in each Service Plan. Does not cover mosquitoes and ticks.

** Graduate is not responsible for staining at nest attachment.

*** 3 Exterior crawling insect and rodent treatments, 5 mosquito and tick treatments, May to October.

**** Termite monitoring services are designed to detect termite activity around the exterior of your home. Corrective services will be quoted as needed.

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