Suffield, CT  Pest Control

Graduate Pest Solutions is pleased to offer comprehensive pest management solutions to residents and businesses of Suffield, CT.

With a beautiful, historic main street that welcomes residents and visitors alike, Suffield is a quintessential New England town. Plentiful family farms and pastoral country roads are a callback to the town’s early agricultural roots, but Suffield also has a vibrant community. However, historic buildings as well as agricultural areas can be susceptible to certain types of pest infestations. As a rural community, Suffield faces more pest issues than most, especially with pests like rodents and ticks.

Graduate Pest Solutions wants to help you protect your Suffield property from pests such as termites, mosquitoes and ticks, and bed bugs. We offer residential and commercial service plans to suit any home or business. Contact us today to start protecting your property from any pest infestation in Suffield!

Hiring an exterminator can be daunting but most good pest control providers will give a quote for free. Graduate Pest Solutions will come to your home and inspect infestations and brandish a quote for free with no obligation. We strongly encourage you to seek multiple quotes, especially for extensive infestations.

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